What our students are saying about our classes!

“I have all good things to say about Smart Tech Training! Everything from the registration to the completion of classes was so very well-orchestrated. I learned so much in Richard's Level 1 and Level 2 classes. I really enjoyed lab days, set up and ran to learn the most in a day possible! I have taken many classes over the years ,but this was by far the best as I learned the most. When my test date came up, I was confident I knew what I needed to pass the test first time around! Everything on the bar exam was taught in Richard's classes!”

Bakersfield CA 2022 Level 1 / Level 2 Class
She passed her test on the first attempt! Congratulations Karmen

“Thanks Richard, as usual I very much enjoyed your class. Being at this for so long, sometimes it’s old news. But I always come away with something I forgot and something new!!!”

2023 Smog Update Class

“I’ve always thought the update training I attended were a mandatory waste of time. This class was different, I learned something new and useful every class session. Great class and useful information.”

“Great class, I will return in the future for my next update training.”

“Really liked the small class size, better interaction. Also, liked the fact that the instructor can relate to techs. Looking forward to taking my next update course with the same instructor.”

“We are seeing more and more diesels, so the training on diesel inspections was very useful”

“Real world discussions, very helpful.”

“It was great to have an instructor for an update training that use to work for BAR.”

“Very informative, cleared up a lot of grey areas for me.”

“I liked the instruction on diesel inspections and illegal diesel modifications. I am less familiar with diesel than gasoline cars and trucks.”

“I now have a better understanding of my STAR score and ways I can improve it.”

“Great class, one of the best.”

“Thanks” “I passed my Smog License exam! Thank You”

“I passed” Thanks for a great training.”

“I took the BAR Smog Exam today. I was really worried about it, but I passed the first time. Thanks for all of your support.”

“I passed; I wasn’t worried about the test because I had a great teacher. Thanks”

“I passed! I passed! I passed!”

“You have a very good smog training program.
I am glad I found you!”

Hollister CA / Level 2 Class 2022